Sunday, 20 May 2018

Headington Artweek ends today.

Last day today!
Do come to Headington and see the lovely things we have made.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Marieke's made some lovely blue pots for Artweek:

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Robin Danely (site 343)

"I created these paintings of my family and friends in order to challenge myself as a portrait artist. I wanted to use bright colors, work quickly, and allow the brushwork to be lively and unrefined. I am as delighted by my subjects as by the paint itself."

Robin is exhibiting at:

Headington County Library
North Place

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Some of my new pots almost ready for Headington Artweek!

Monday, 30 April 2018

Brookes Artweeks
11th - 17th May, 11-6pm (late opening Thurs 11-9pm) 
Free daily artist-led tours, artist talks and workshops for people of all ages and abilities.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Trail map published

Thanks to Harriet Eagle the trail map is ready so you can plan your visits.  Click here to Dowload a print version of the trail map or pick up a printed version from one of the Headington shops, library or coffee bars that have piles to distribute.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday, 15 May 2017

Headington Artweeks - Jewellery, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles, Paper and Printmaking

Alongside the wonderful offerings of ceramics and painting this year we have some really interesting work from jewellers, photographers, textile artists, and a sculptor, printmaker and paper artist too.


Dan Beinart - venue 300

Dan will be exhibiting for the first time at Art Weeks this year, and will be showing a selection of his stunningly dramatic landscape photos from his travels. 

Mazz shares selected precious photos from New Headington with delightful visions snapped during the reflective moments of travel around the globe.


As a private Goldsmith, Lisa Marie designs unique jewellery ranges and takes personal commissions all year round.She is also skillful at capturing the essence of memorable moments by remodelling, and transforming sentimental pieces.

Leonie's aim is to create original, contemporary jewellery which demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship. The work is delicate and distinctive.  Much of her work in one-off. All of it is made with meticulous care and attention to detail.


Jane Wafer is a fine artist working mainly in sculpture. She has recently begun experimenting with clay, combining ceramics with wire to make sculptural forms, as well as hand building and throwing vessels. 


Ewa enjoys creating with different materials - textiles, semi-precious stones, paper.

Jan Purrett will also be at venue 311 showing patchwork and quilting inspired by hedgerows and the colours of the countryside. 


Kate will be exhibiting intricate layered papercuts, all cut by hand.


Over the past fifteen years Jackie has been making studies of the different areas of Oxford. The city and the colleges as well as areas like Botley and Barton. From these studies she has been producing Etching and Aquatints. And she thought it would be worth bringing some of them together for Art weeks. The Exhibition is on the main corridor level 3 just past the reception area.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Headington Artweeks - Ceramics

We have eight artist working in ceramics exhibiting this year in Headington as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks - ranging from functional to decorative and everything in between.

All Saints Artists - venue 302

This joint exhibition includes four ceramic offerings this year, from the following artists:

Trisha Drury is a well established ceramicist and fine artist. After graduating she worked in the fashion industry and as a graphic artist before moving into fine art and latterly ceramics. She is a skilled photographer and brings her experience from all these fields into her current work. Her sources are eclectic and range from the human form to the natural world.


Vivien initially trained as a biologist, working in plant sciences, as she has always liked plants and enjoy growing things. Her science background means that she asks lots of questions and enjoy the technical side of ceramics.  She believes that pots are made to brighten a home and to be used.

Robyn Hardyman - venue 307

Thrown porcelain and stoneware vessels and vases glazed with subtle tones and textures.

Art at St Andrew's - venue 311

Another collective exhibition that features, among other mediums, two artists working in ceramics:

Marieke makes delicate bowls, pots and accessories in porcelain and stoneware, using imprinting and bright and colourful glazes.

Kit Adlington - Venue 316

Kit makes thrown, functional, stoneware pottery, firing to 1260/1280C, producing pots which are attractive but also strong and hard-wearing. She is interested in shape, often basing work on the forms of English Medieval pottery.She is  constantly testing and experimenting with glazes, and produce interesting colours and effects by applying one glaze over another.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Trail Map - Navigate your way around the Headington Art Weeks exhibitions!

As part of Oxfordshire Artweeks each area puts together their own handy trail map, which lists opening times and plots out the offering of open studios and joint exhibitions for you to plan your visit.  These are so helpful as the amount of art on display can sometimes seem a little overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start!

You can find our handy trail map here. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Headington Artweeks - Painters

You are spoiled for choice this year with the painters who are exhibiting in Headington as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks.  Here is a quick overview of the great artists you will be able to see...

Kathy Turner - venue 295

An exhibition of colourful and atmospheric landscapes. This years' collection includes several paintings inspired by a recent visit to St Ives, Cornwall. Kathy likes to use a range of media to create texture and light.


Jane Strother - venue 296

Contemporary landscapes in oil or acrylic exhibited in her house and garden studio. This is a large solo exhibition, mostly paintings and some original collagraph, drypoint or lithographic prints and many sketchbooks which are always popular. 

Ella Clocksin - venue 299

Professional open studio exhibition of contemporary mixed media and abstract watercolour. Introducing two new projects: the Visual Haiku, and Landscripts series reference Shotover Hill, Rock Edge, and experience that is not easily articulated at the borders of language and perception.

Jane Beinart - venue 300

As well as her bold coloured prints, Jane will be showing a new series of reflective pieces reminiscent of the sea and sky. Each piece in her series captures a moment, a play of the light in the water or the wisp of the clouds across the horizon.  Plus her new mini series of unique, framed abstract pieces which capture tiny and evocative abstract landscapes.

All Saints Artists (a collective show) - venue 302

This collective show will include the following painters:

“Stuart sees the play of light as if refracted through
a prism. He builds his compositions through
gestural marks working in much the same way
as the Impressionists, creating compositions that
dance on the canvas.”
Jenny Blyth Fine Art Oxford refracted Art Jericho January 2016

Jennifer Byrne - venue 303

Jennifer's first Artweeks exhibition was in 2014 as a novice painter. Three years on and time for her second exhibition. Her journey continues taking her from still life to landscapes, views inspired by walking Oxfordshires footpaths.

Rosemarie Deepwell - venue 304

An exhibition of watercolours and pastels.

Harriet Eagle - venue 306

Harmonious oil paintings of scenes and settings that have inspired Harriet, plus a collection of monochrome drawings and prints.

Deborah Laidlaw - venue 309

A personal exploration of painting and drawing from realism to abstraction.

Art at St Andrew's - venue 311

This collective show will include the following painters:

Alison Soskice

Also exhibiting will be Leslie Durham who paints mostly landscapes in watercolour or acrylics and has been experimenting with collage, and Rosemary Earl showing oil paintings for you to enjoy.

Angela Beatson Wood - venue 312

Angela's still life is concerned with different Asian cultures of places that she has travelled to, India, Burma, Cambodia, Lao. When travelling she brings back artefacts, figures, material and includes appropriate plants in her paintings.